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Together for Life

Material Preparation

Marital preparation is designed to help couples look at the challenges in their particular relationship. Through standardized marital and personality inventories, education, and counselor intervention many of these challenges can be identified and strategies developed to address the issues. It’s crucial to strengthening the foundation before the marriage is built.

Our Basic Program

  • The couple will receive five sessions (50 minutes each).

  • The process seeks to highlight couple’s strengths

  • A Biblical perspective on the marriage covenant will be emphasized

  • Both the FOCCUS pre-marital inventory (a couple relationship inventory) and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (a personality inventory) will be included

  • Education and discussion of key topics will include:

  • The difference between a marriage covenant and a marriage contract

  • Not-so-obvious differences between men and women

  • Communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Sexual relationship

  • Finances

  • Issues the couple raises

  • Crossroads will only use therapists trained in the Together For Life process.

  • Any unused sessions (of the 5) will be redeemable by the couple for up to one year following the wedding ceremony.

  • Group sessions will be available soon!

Roy Bobbitt on Marital Preparation

“At Crossroads Counseling Group, we view marriage as a sacred covenant between a man and a woman. Successful marriages reveal a life-long commitment to serve each other in a mutually satisfying and mutually sacrificial relationship.

Often couples are unprepared for the challenges of marriage. Unrealistic expectations, harmful patterns of communication or conflict resolution, and cultural norms all play a role in our country’s current divorce rate. Couples entering a second marriage may be carrying additional baggage—often without even knowing it.

In a 2005 study “A National Survey on Marriage in America,” couples with successful marriages were 60 percent more likely to have had premarital counseling than other couples. Many pastors are simply too busy to provide high quality marital preparation. That’s where we can help. Crossroads offers options for engaged couples to get ready for the biggest commitment of their lives.”

Roy Bobbit


Contact Roy

Marriage Enhancement

Whether you are struggling or flourishing in your marriage, investing in efforts to strengthen your relationship is wise. We offer couples marriage enhancement sessions with a well trained therapist. Call and discuss your needs with us.

Our Together For Life trained therapists are available to help plan and lead marriage enrichment weekends, retreats and workshops.

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