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Mend Program

The mend program is a Christ-centered treatment program designed to help people mend from the pain, shame, and deception of sex addiction.

A Word of Healing

Mend is a healing word—a word that invites images of improving, reconnection, and reconciliation. The mend program at Crossroads Counseling Group provides opportunity for those who are struggling with sex addiction to receive quality treatment in an outpatient setting.

The mend program provides treatment for male and female clients, individuals and couples and utilizes group and individual formats. Our staff understands that each person’s path to healing includes unique challenges and barriers. Therefore, participating in a well-structured program is vitally important for developing a commitment to recovery.

Thank you for your interest in the mend program. We believe it takes courage to even chose to inform yourself about sex addiction and what treatment can offer!

The Mend program Guiding Principles
  • Wholeness-Based
    The Mend Program is dedicated to helping clients achieve personal wholeness. Each client’s recovery program is individually tailored to achieve a life balanced in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual spheres.
  • Partner-Sensitive
    The Mend Program offers a unique partner sensitive approach. We understand how problematic sexual behaviors and the addict’s recovery affect the partner/spouse. Our services specifically attend to partners/spouses and family members (who can feel ignored during traditional sexual addiction recovery).
  • Relationship-Affirming
    Unlike most recovery programs available today, at The Mend Program we help couples navigate the recovery process together. In early recovery, marital or couple’s therapy is contraindicated, but the coupleship still requires milestones and interventions tailored to guide each couple through the recovery process.
  • Collaborative
    The Mend Program starts with a collaborative therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist. Our clinical team of addiction and partner specialists regularly consult as a team (with the client’s approval) to ensure we address all aspects of each case. We also collaborate with pastors, churches and outside clinicians working with our clients in recovery treatment and crisis marriage restoration planning.
  • Spirituality-Enhancing
    The Mend Program integrates Biblical Christian principles into sexual addiction recovery, sexual betrayal trauma therapy, and couple’s counseling/recovery for clients who are agreeable to this approach. We also present educational seminars regarding sexual addiction and sexual betrayal.

Call (614) 263-8161 or email for more information about sexual addiction therapy or treatment. Our team of clinicians has valuable experience and skills for helping. Our lead clinician in the mend program is Lucinda Bolinger, LPCC-S (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Supervisor), CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist).


Are you wondering whether or not you might be a candidate for the mend program? Click to take the Problematic Sexual Behavior Questionnaire.

The mend program is NOT the appropriate program for people who have committed sex offending behaviors. Click to take the Illegal Sexual Behavior Questionnaire.

Note: We do not trace, track, or use cookies with these self-screening tools.

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