Counseling Services

Tele-Mental Health & Live Video Sessions

We are prepared to meet with clients via Interactive Video Conferencing (or Tele-Mental Health Service). Particularly in light of the current health crisis involving the coronavirus, we encourage people to contact us to set up services via video conferencing. This has been shown to be an effective format, and our process is very user-friendly!

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a great way to unlock even greater performance and achievement in a specific discipline. Whether you are an athlete, an executive, a musician, or a student, we can assist you. We can help you get in the zone. We know how it works. And we know how performance is sustained at a high level. This a fast growing area for us as a group and for folks around the country. Talk to us bout how we can help you get an edge on the competition and perform at your best!

Marital Preparation

There are so many things to get done in preparing for a wedding. But most of those item on the to-do list will be but fond memories and digital images 5 years after the big day. Research is clear. When a couple commits to pre-marital counseling, that couple has a significantly higher likelihood of experiencing marital satisfaction. Connect with one of our experienced marriage preparation experts. Your future marriage will thank you!


Whether a person is struggling with life stress, transitions, mood issues (like depression or anxiety), or most other challenges, we have a group of well trained and compassionate therapists who have committed to provide excellent services to help you thrive in life! We have assembled a team of therapists with a wide variety of expertise. We will help you get connected with just the right person to help at this time of life.

Marital Therapy

Marriage can be one of the most beautiful relationships possible. However, Many people struggle in this most intimate relationship. The difficulties, and sometimes the hurts, can be very challenging to overcome. We are here to help. We have several therapists who have significant experience helping couples reconcile and rejuvenate their struggling marriage.

Group Therapy

There is often great benefit in being part of a small group of people who are traveling similar journeys to health and healing. Guided by a professional therapist, groups can be either a wonderful addition to individual work, or an affordable way to continue growth and healing.

Child & Adolescent

There are few things more painful for a parent than watching your child struggle - especially with behavioral health issues. Our approach for helping children and teenagers recognizes you as the parent have a wonderful but enormously challenging job. We start with hearing from you. Our assessment process is customized for the specific needs and struggles of the child or teenager. Our commitment is to be as efficient and effective as we can be. After the assessment, we will discuss what the process for reaching your goals needs to be. Then we collaborate to reach those goals together.

Family Therapy

When families come together to address struggles as a family, the results can be powerful - and lasting. Family therapy is a special process where family members attend sessions together. We are able to explore and implement the tools necessary to overcome challenges that affect the whole family.

Bi-Lingual Services

Services for adults is available for those in our community whose primary language is Spanish. Carolina Aguilar will be able to speak with you - in Spanish or English - to determine how to best help.

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